Remedy Testing

Experience the power of Quantum Response technology for comprehensive health insights. Submit a hair sample from home or at our center for analysis.


Uncover Root Causes of Your Health Issues

Remedy Testing uses Quantum Response technology to analyze your subtle energy field and provide a comprehensive report. We help you uncover the root health issues and achieve optimal well-being.

Early Detection

Identify health issues before they become major problems and take control of your well-being.


Take proactive steps to prevent health issues and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Trusted by hundreds of practices and health professionals nationwide


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Angie was WONDERFUL! Gentle & I left with instant relief! Beautiful office, convenient location, it was a great experience!I also did the Remedy testing & am looking forward to my health & fitness journey going forward with Dr. Angie. :)

Jessie Albers


I have been working with Dr Angie for 7 years now with her Remedy testing. When I started i was having itching symptoms from eating certain foods! The remedy test and her support has helped me so much!! I work with her remotely and it has been very easy. Thank you Dr Angie!

Denise Sheepstra


Only individuals who have been able to give me any kind of relief from a back injury and sleeplessness that I've dealt with for over 12 months. The issue still exists, but i finally have gotten a bit of relief, its been horrible, but they are helping a ton. I've scene many MDs and other chiros and have had blood work done to rule out any possible underlying issues. They genuinely care and look at all aspects of your health and actually want to help. Albertville, MN location.

Allan Ewing


My family and I adore Vibe Chiropractic. Everyone is genuine, truly cares, and are with you throughout your health journey. Exceptional people providing exceptional care!

Cassie Bellio


Angie's knowledge of nutrition and healing has put me in a different level both physically and mentally. I would advise her services to any and everyone needing adjustments. Super pleasant and professional as well!

Scott Snares


Dr Angie has been amazing to work with, for both nutrition analysis and chiropractic care and has done great chiropractic work for my 6 year old son as well! Very knowledgeable and has a genuine love and interest in her practice!! I highly recommend Dr Angie!

Amanda Kuelchle


Dr Angie really takes the time to help guide options in what is best for you BUT she is super low pressure! So I don’t feel like I am being sold to each time.

Tammi Dorion


Dr. Angie is simply the best in all aspects. Her "gentle" approach to chiropractic care has helped me far better than the more common aggressive style. Thank you Dr Angie!!

Jone Briese


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Remedy Testing

What is Remedy Testing?

Remedy Testing is a non-invasive method that measures the energy levels in your body to identify imbalances and determine the best course of action for improving your overall health and well-being.

How does it work?

Submit your hair sample to our testing center or collect your hair sample at our office. Your sample will be placed onto the scanning plate and the Quantum Response technology will scan the hair. This information is then analyzed to identify any imbalances, sensitivities, or stressors.

Is it safe?

Yes, Remedy Testing is completely safe. It is a non-invasive hair sample scan that is suitable for people of all ages.

How can it help me?

Remedy Testing can help identify underlying imbalances in your body that may be contributing to various health issues. By addressing these imbalances, it can support your body's natural healing processes and promote overall wellness.

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