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Discover the power of nutrition in improving your overall well-being. Our nutritional services at Vibe Chiropractic are designed to help you achieve optimal health through personalized diet plans and expert guidance. Whether you're looking to manage weight, boost energy levels, or address specific health concerns, our team of experienced professionals will provide you with the support and knowledge you need to make positive changes.

Personalized Nutrition Plans: Catering to Your Health Goals and Needs

At Vibe Chiropractic, we understand that every individual has unique health goals and needs. Our personalized nutrition plans are designed to cater to your specific requirements, helping you achieve optimal well-being.

Tailored to Your Goals

Customized for Your Needs

Optimize Your Well-being


Personalized Nutritional Assessments and Consultations

At Vibe Chiropractic, we offer comprehensive dietary assessments and personalized consultations to help you achieve optimal health. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop a customized nutrition plan that meets your unique needs and goals. Whether you're looking to lose weight, manage a chronic condition, or simply improve your overall well-being, our nutritional services can provide the guidance and support you need.

Personalized Support and Adjustments for Long-Term Nutritional Success

At Vibe Chiropractic, we understand that achieving long-term nutritional success requires ongoing support and adjustments. Our team of experts will work closely with you to develop a personalized plan and provide the guidance you need to reach your goals.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced team will provide you with expert guidance and make necessary adjustments to your nutritional plan.

Tailored Solutions

We offer tailored solutions to ensure your nutritional plan is effective and sustainable.

Happy Clients

I have been using Vibe Chiropractic's nutritional services for a few months now and I am amazed at the positive impact it has had on my health. The personalized approach and expert guidance have helped me achieve my wellness goals.

“The nutritional services at Vibe Chiropractic have truly transformed my life. I feel healthier, more energetic, and happier than ever before.”

John Doe

CEO, XYZ Company

“I highly recommend Vibe Chiropractic's nutritional services. The team is knowledgeable, caring, and dedicated to helping you achieve optimal health.”

Jane Smith

Marketing Manager, ABC Inc.

“Thanks to Vibe Chiropractic's nutritional services, I have experienced significant improvements in my overall well-being. It's been a life-changing journey.”

Michael Johnson

HR Director, DEF Corp.

“Vibe Chiropractic's nutritional services have exceeded my expectations. I am grateful for the positive impact it has had on my health and lifestyle.”

Sarah Williams

Operations Manager, GHI Ltd.


Find answers to commonly asked questions about our nutritional services.

What are the benefits?

Our nutritional services can help improve your overall health, boost your immune system, and increase your energy levels.

How does it work?

Our experienced nutritionists will assess your current diet and lifestyle, and provide personalized recommendations to help you achieve your health goals.

Are supplements necessary?

While supplements can be beneficial in certain cases, our focus is on helping you make sustainable changes to your diet and lifestyle.

How long does it take to see results?

Results may vary depending on individual circumstances, but many of our clients start noticing improvements within a few weeks of following our recommendations.

Is nutritional counseling covered by insurance?

Coverage for nutritional counseling varies by insurance provider. We recommend contacting your insurance company to determine your specific coverage.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more information.


If you have had a great experience at Vibe Chiropractic Remedy Testing center, we would appreciate your review! Leave Review

Angie was WONDERFUL! Gentle & I left with instant relief! Beautiful office, convenient location, it was a great experience!I also did the Remedy testing & am looking forward to my health & fitness journey going forward with Dr. Angie. :)

Jessie Albers


I have been working with Dr Angie for 7 years now with her Remedy testing. When I started i was having itching symptoms from eating certain foods! The remedy test and her support has helped me so much!! I work with her remotely and it has been very easy. Thank you Dr Angie!

Denise Sheepstra


Only individuals who have been able to give me any kind of relief from a back injury and sleeplessness that I've dealt with for over 12 months. The issue still exists, but i finally have gotten a bit of relief, its been horrible, but they are helping a ton. I've scene many MDs and other chiros and have had blood work done to rule out any possible underlying issues. They genuinely care and look at all aspects of your health and actually want to help. Albertville, MN location.

Allan Ewing


My family and I adore Vibe Chiropractic. Everyone is genuine, truly cares, and are with you throughout your health journey. Exceptional people providing exceptional care!

Cassie Bellio


Angie's knowledge of nutrition and healing has put me in a different level both physically and mentally. I would advise her services to any and everyone needing adjustments. Super pleasant and professional as well!

Scott Snares


Dr Angie has been amazing to work with, for both nutrition analysis and chiropractic care and has done great chiropractic work for my 6 year old son as well! Very knowledgeable and has a genuine love and interest in her practice!! I highly recommend Dr Angie!

Amanda Kuelchle


Dr Angie really takes the time to help guide options in what is best for you BUT she is super low pressure! So I don’t feel like I am being sold to each time.

Tammi Dorion


Dr. Angie is simply the best in all aspects. Her "gentle" approach to chiropractic care has helped me far better than the more common aggressive style. Thank you Dr Angie!!

Jone Briese


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